A community-wide initiative working to sustain and improve the health of Ozaukee County residents through obesity reduction, improved mental health, the prevention of youth alcohol and tobacco use, and the elimination of illegal drug and heroin use.

The Ozaukee County Health Department, in collaboration with numerous community partners, formed the INVEST coalition in January 2011. INVEST was developed to identify Ozaukee County resident’s health priorities and work towards improving health outcomes based on those priorities. Over 160 community members responded to a survey asking what their priorities were and from their responses four primary health concerns emerged. The original health priorities were obesity, mental health, tobacco and youth alcohol use. Since 2010, over 100 community partners have been actively participating on four action teams focused on these health priorities. Not only were these the health concerns that the community identified, but they were also the areas of greatest priority according to Ozaukee County’s collected health data.

There are five health focus areas of the coalition that make up separate committees. These areas are based on the health needs and priorities of the community. They include Obesity, Mental Health,Tobacco, Alcohol, and opiate and heroin use.

A County that supports and engages its residents in creating a healthy and safe environment to live, work, and play.

Working to sustain and improve the health of Ozaukee County.

The purpose of INVEST is to mobilize residents, organizations, and stakeholders to come together to address the factors affecting the health of Ozaukee County residents. The goal of this Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is to outline our strategic plan and to measure the impact INVEST has on the health of our population.