Food Service Facilities

Restaurants/Retail Food
Licensed facilities are inspected on an annual basis to ensure health and safety practices are being followed and to offer education to facility owners and employees.
DATCP fact sheets and handouts

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Certified Food Manager Certification
  • All licensed food facilities other than pre-packaged and temporary operations are required to have at least one certified food manager.
  • As of November 2016, facilities are required to provide proof of passing a CFM test. Current state certifications are valid until expiration, but are no longer required for new certified food managers.
  • Information on obtaining the food managers certification and re-certification for small business operators can be found here.

Temporary Food Events


  • All for-profit food stands that operate in Washington County must obtain a temporary license from the Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department if operations will only be in Washington County. Please call 262-335-4462 for more information.
  • If operations will take place in multiple counties, a temporary license may be obtained from DATCP. Licenses are generally issued by the Local Health Department where the business primarily operates.
  • If you hold a temporary license from outside of our counties, a one-time inspection fee of $50 will be charged to operate in Washington or Ozaukee County annually.
  • The license/inspection fee allows operation at a fixed location for up to 14 consecutive days or not more than 20 non-consecutive days. Within these limits, the license covers any event that the operator wishes to participate in within the license year.


Temporary Food Stand Pamphlet

Mobile Restaurants


  • Mobile food trucks/trailers or push carts are required to obtain a mobile restaurant license as well as a base license. If your business is based out of state your will need to obtain a state DATCP license
  • Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department can issue a license if your business is located in Washington or Ozaukee County. If you primarily operate in another jurisdiction, please contact that local health department for licensing.
  • You must also have a service base license in addition to your mobile restaurant license.  The requirements for the base vary depending on your mobile unit and the type of food you are serving.  You may need a full kitchen or a simple storage area with access to water. 
  • Any vendor holding a valid temporary or mobile license from another in-state jurisdiction will have their license honored in Washington or Ozaukee County, but will be subject to an inspection fee of $50. This fee is assessed one-time annually.


Exempt Groups
  • Contact the Health Department to see if your group is exempt from licensing. Even if you are exempt, we are always here to answer your food safety questions.
  • Not-for-profit organizations serving food at a temporary event do not require a license unless they operate the stand for more than 3 days in a license year.
  • Concession stands that are operated exclusively for the benefit of youth sport teams, programs, or governing youth sports organizations are exempt from licensing.
School Lunch Program
  • Subsidized school lunch programs are inspected twice per year.
  • School lunch programs are not required to obtain food licenses unless an outside company is contracted to provide the food service, but they are charged an annual inspection fee.
  • Each school district is required to have at least one certified food manager on staff. If a contracted company is used, each school that is served by the company needs to have a certified food manager.



  • Vending machines selling potentially hazardous foods are required to obtain licenses through DATCP.  Machines are inspected by Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department.  For more information about vending, please contact DATCP: Vending Machines.