Well Washington County

The Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department, in collaboration with numerous community partners, formed the Well Washington County coalition in February 2016. Well Washington County was developed to identify Washington County resident’s health priorities and work towards improving health outcomes through community based action teams and a leadership council.

Leveraging the expertise and resources of the larger group, we are able to target, assess, and address the health behaviors and the social determinants of the health of the broader community. 

Washington County: Healthy People, Communities, Workplaces and Environment.

Working to improve the health of Washington County through employers and community partners.

The purpose of Well Washington County is to mobilize residents, organizations, employers and stakeholders to make an economic and measurable impact on the health needs of Washington County.

Well Washington County collaboratively works to sustain and improve the health of Washington County residents through increasing physical activity and nutrition, improving mental health, reducing alcohol, drugs and tobacco use, and expanding workplace wellness.

Well Washington County Leadership Action Plan
Well Washington County Objectives
2017 Coalition Successes