Environmental Health

The Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department licenses and regulates retail food, hotels/motels, bed & breakfasts, public swimming pools, campgrounds, and body art establishments. Environmental Health Specialists are also responsible for sampling and inspecting small public drinking water systems, swimming beach monitoring, and providing radon information and test kits for residents.

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Licensing & Inspection Program

The Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department is an agent for the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection (DATCP) and the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS). We provide inspection, consultation and licensing services for the following types of facilities in Washington and Ozaukee Counties : 

  1. Restaurants & Retail Food 
  2. Public Swimming Pools & Water Attractions
    1. Pool Death Injury Illness Report
    2. Fecal Incident Response 
    3.  Water Contamination Response Log 
    4.  Pool Operation Code (ATCP 76)
    5.  Pool Construction Code (SPS 390) 
    6.  VGBA Cover Replacement Log 
  3. Hotels, Motels, Tourist Rooming Houses & Bed and Breakfasts 
    1. Hotels, Motels, and Tourist Rooming Houses Code (ATCP 72)
    2. Bed & Breakfast Establishment Code (ATCP 73) 
  4. Tattoo & Body Piercing 
    1. DSPS website 
  5. Campgrounds & Recreational/Education Campgrounds
    1.  Rec/Ed Campground Code (ATCP 78) 

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Drinking Water Program

The Washington Ozaukee Health Department does not sample private well water. We do recommend testing your private well yearly for potential contaminates. Click HERE for additional information on water testing for private wells.  

Public water systems are usually operated by a municipality. These systems are tested on a regular basis by municipal workers and mostly comply with strict Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) standards. If you have questions about your municipal water supply, call your local city or village hall. 

The Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department samples water from small businesses, campgrounds, restaurants, taverns, churches, golf courses, and convenience stores that use well water. To look up water results on the DNR website, click HERE


The Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department has radon test kits available for pick up or mail. Effective February 15, 2023, short-term radon test kits are $7 and long-term radon test kits are $20. Individuals can call the office and request a kit to be mailed to them. Shipping for each kit is an additional $5. 

Beginning on March 1, 2023, Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) will require licensed family and group childcare providers in Wisconsin to test for radon and mitigate radon if needed. 

The following links are resources that contain information regarding radon. 

Radon in Child Care

Radon Measurement and Mitigation Contractors 

Find a Radon Mitigation or Measurement Professional                                                 


The Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department offers free phone consultation for homeowners who have children 6 and under residing in or visiting a home or apartment built prior to 1978. If you have any questions about lead paint and lead poisoning contact the Health Department. Click HERE for additional information. 

Animal Bites and Rabies

Although animal bites are not officially notifible by state statute, they occur commonly and carry a risk of infection with various disease agents. Animal bite wounds should be washed immediately and thoroughly with soap and water. A health care provider should be promptly cousulted about the possible need for antibiotic treatment and tetanus vaccination. Because of the possibility of rabies virus transmission, the biting animal should be captured if it is safe to do so. In the case of an owned domestic animal, information on the owner and location of the animal should be obtained. Click HERE for additional information regarding animal bites. 

Beach Water Testing

The Health Department monitors the level of E.coli in the water at local beaches. They are monitored at a frequency determined by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The beaches that are monitored include: 

       Ozaukee County                          Washington County 
Cedar Beach Rd Beach Ackerman's Grove Park Beach
Concordia University* Sandy Knoll County Park Beach 
County Rd D Boat Launch Beach  Leonard  J Yahr Park Beach 
Upper Lake Park Beach  Kettle Moraine Rd KMSF Pike Lake Beach*
Harrington State Park North and South Beach   
South Beach   

A * indicates beaches that are monitored by local personnel, not health department staff. 

The monitoring program is intended to inform people of relative levels of safety only. A sign will be posted if E.coli is found above the advisory level of 235 CFU/100mL, indicating an increased risk of swimmer-related illness. A beach will be closed for swimming if E.coli is found above 1000 CFU/100mL.  Click HERE for additional information. 

Complaint Form

Your input and concerns are important to the Health Department. Please complete and submit the form below if you experienced unsafe food-handling practices or unhealthy conditions.