Immunization is the best way to protect children from many diseases that are potentially harmful and sometimes deadly. Parents are encouraged to make sure children are up-to-date with their vaccinations by checking with their family's medical provider. Families can also visit the Wisconsin Immunization Registry to find out which immunizations are needed. Vaccine Information Fact Sheets - (CDC VIS series)

Flu Vaccines
Beginning at 6 months of age, everyone needs a flu shot.  Protest yourself, your family, and those individuals that can't be vaccinates by getting your flu shot as soon as possible.  Vaccine are available at your clinic or pharmacy.  The health department only offers flu vaccine to eligible children.  Please see criteria for eligibility below.

Ozaukee Community Flu Clinics 2019
Vaccine Eligibility
If you have health insurance, please check with your insurance provider to find out if your insurance covers vaccinations. Be specific regarding which vaccine you are requesting.

1) Children who have insurance coverage for vaccinations should get them from their own health care provider, rather than from the Health Department, even if the insurance company requires a high deductible or a co-pay. We cannot bill your insurance company.

2) Children who have insurance that does not cover all vaccinations may receive some or all of their immunizations as follows. Such underinsured children may receive
     ◦ all of their immunizations from the Health Department, if their insurance covers no vaccine
     ◦ specific immunizations which are not covered by their insurance, or
     ◦ if the insurance policy has a "cap" amount of coverage, any immunizations still needed after the maximum coverage for immunizations has been reached.

3) Children who have state insurance (BadgerCare, Title 19, Medical Assistance) may receive immunizations from the Health Department.

4) Children who have no insurance coverage may receive immunizations from the Health Department.

5) Children who are Alaskan Native or American Indian are eligible to receive immunizations from the Health Department Eligibility for state-supplied children's vaccine is illustrated in this screening algorithm from the Wisconsin Immunization Program.

On your appointment day, please bring your immunization records with you.