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Sexual Health and Wellness

Sexual Health and Wellness

Sexual wellness is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in reaction to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease or dysfunction.


To advocate for sexual wellness in our communities by promoting factual, realistic information on human growth and development, sexual behaviors/education and reproductive health.


Coalition Information

Third Wednesday of every month from 9am - 10am. Location varies.

Improve the sexual health and wellness of Ozaukee and Washington County.

1. By 2025, 50% of schools with students 15 years old and up, within Washington and Ozaukee County, participate in the Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

2. By 2025, develop and complete a Sexual Health and Wellness needs education campaign.

Time Commitment: Attend at least 70% of all meetings.

Projects: This work is derived from coalition members breaking off into subgroups to create actionable items from the CHIP report.

Expertise: You are the expert in the field. We want to hear your ideas and how we can work together.

Open-Minded: These are sensitive topics. We all have different thoughts, opinions, and viewpoints. Please be respectful of other members and the people we are serving.

Communication: Open communication is key to a successful coalition.

Chair: Megan Lockwood, WOPHD

Co-Chair: Tricia Wessel-Blaski, UW-Washington County

Albrecht Free Clinic, Aurora Health Care, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, Boys and Girls Club of West Bend, United Way of Washington County, Kettle Moraine YMCA, Washington County Human Services, WOPHD, United Way of Ozaukee County, NAMI- Washington and Ozaukee County, Ozaukee County Human Services, Family Sharing of Ozaukee, Planned Parenthood, Friends, Inc., Youth and Family Project, Advocates of Ozaukee County, UW-Washington County

Youth Risk Behaviors, Educational Campaign

About Us

Providing community assessment, education, and collaborative health interventions for all who live, work and play in our counties.

We advocate and serve by promoting the health and safety of the public.

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    121 Main Street, Room 246
    Port Washington, WI 53074
    Phone: 262-284-8170
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  • West Bend Office

    333 East Washington Street, Ste 1100
    West Bend, WI 53095
    Phone: 262-335-4462
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