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Community Health Immunizations


Immunizations are the best way to protect individuals from diseases that are potentially harmful and sometimes deadly.

Fill out a form HERE with immunization questions or to schedule an appointment.

VFC Program

Provides vaccines to children through 18 years of age and:

- Medicaid eligible or enrolled

- underinsured*: health insurance coverage does not include vaccines or only covers selected vaccines

- uninsured**: no health insurance

- American Indian or Alaska Native

VFA Program

Provides vaccines to individuals who are 19 and older, and are underinsured* or uninsured**. 

For more information on which vaccines are available, click HERE.

Seasonal Vaccines

(e.g. Flu, COVID-19)

For individuals 19 and older. Call for additional eligbility screening.

- uninsured**

- Medicare enrolled

- Medicaid enrolled

About Us

Providing community assessment, education, and collaborative health interventions for all who live, work and play in our counties.

We advocate and serve by promoting the health and safety of the public.

Office Locations
  • Port Washington Office

    121 Main Street, Room 246
    Port Washington, WI 53074
    Phone: 262-284-8170
    Fax: 262-284-8105
  • West Bend Office

    333 East Washington Street, Ste 1100
    West Bend, WI 53095
    Phone: 262-335-4462
    Fax: 262-335-4463
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